Damaris de Jong

Damaris de Jong is an all-round actrice, performer and theatre maker. She was born in 1998 in the Netherlands.

Damaris graduated from the Amsterdamse Toneelschool en Kleinkunstacademie in 2020. During her studies she played in several short films. During her internship year she played at the Toneelschuur in Het Zuiden (2020), which unfortunately got canceled. She also played with Frascati Producties in Naar Ikea (2019), in which she played one of the two lead roles. Right after completing her studies, Damaris got cast for the new Dutch series Follow de Soa (FDS) in which she plays the lead role. FDS will be on Videoland in 2021.

Next to her film career, Damaris also has her own music theatre collective called COLLECTIET. They played their first show GET SET RIOT!  at the Parade (2019) and were mentioned in the Volkskrant for their graduation piece www.youcannotlockdownmyfantasies.com (2020).

Willemijn Tuip  |  willemijn@copperenco.com

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