Thekla Reuten

Thekla Reuten is an all-round actress and is most recently known for her work in Red Sparrow with Jennifer Lawrence, the successful Netflix series Warrior Nun, helming psychological thriller Marionette (aka Repression) and starring opposite James Nesbitt in Sky series Lucky Man 2.

She studied acting at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam. During the last year of her studies she assumed leading roles in a Dutch film and a big television production. She worked in a few national and international theatre productions (a.o. in Rufus Norris’ Blood Wedding at the Almeida theatre in London alongside Gael Garcia Bernal and Johan Simons’ production Fall of the Gods at a,o, the Salzburg Festspiele) but she had film and television work take the lead in her career. Early work in: Wij Alexander, Little Crumb and Everybody Famous! (Nominated for Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film) lead up to winning the ‘Shooting Star Award’ (Berlin Film Festival) for her portrayal of Lotte in Twin Sisters, again nominated for an Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film. Subsequent European roles included In Bruges by Martin McDonaugh, Hotel Lux with Bully Herbig, The American alongside George Clooney, In Tranzit with Vera Farmiga and Rosenstrasse. Television work includes the lead in the successful Dutch remake of Rita called Tessa, one of the leads in Showtime series Sleeper Cell and BBC series Restless as well as Hidden next to Phil Glenister.She just wrapped up Warrior Nun season 2 and is co-developing stories with she feels are urgent, uplifting and or inspiring.

Thekla wins in 2022 the Gouden Kalf award for her leading role in the feature film Narcosis. The debut film from director Martijn de Jong is also the Dutch selection the Oscars in 2023.

Thekla is a mother of two sons.

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