Willemijn Tuip

Willemijn studied public studies at the University of Amsterdam where she later taught social psychology after graduation. Her career in the cultural sector began as a bartender in the Stand Up Comedy Cafe Toomler, where she saw many national and international stand-up comedians and musicians. She started producing music events and talk shows and found that some talent could use help outside of their stage skills. A seed was planted. She worked for producers IdtV and Redforest and a trip to London followed where she worked behind the scenes on a TV program around Stand up Comedy. The passion for working as a manager and talent agent came to the surface and she began to represent talent at Mover Shaker. Within this organization she gained extensive experience and in 2008 she founded her own company to be able to focus even more on the personal coaching of a select group of talent.

This is how Copper and Co was established in 2008, a boutique agency that is a leader in the field. You can recognize Willemijn by her red hair, unrestrained positivity and sticky tape addiction.